Mini Cruiser – 1984 Yamaha RX50

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In the 80s, Japanese manufacturers produced several 50cc bikes – though nearly all were in plastics that were reminiscent of sportbikes. Examples previously featured on Bike-urious include the Honda NS50F and Suzuki GSXR50, though the Yamaha YSR50 was one of the most well-known. This bike, the Yamaha RX50, was styled in the opposite spectrum – as the tiniest cruiser that’s probably ever been sold. Styled as a miniature version of a Virago , this bike was released in 1983 as part of a promotion for the “Midnight Special” cruiser line. Certain dealers received one of these RX50’s to sell or raffle off to bring customers in the doors.

Yamaha RX50 - Front

The Yamaha RX50 shared its drivetrain with the YSR50, so you get a redline of 10,000 rpm, 7.5 horsepower, and a top speed of around 50-60 mph, depending on your weight. Under 200 pounds, this bike is easy to control, and would be a great beginner bike if they weren’t so rare! At this point, these bikes are collectible novelties, and they very rarely come up for sale. Only imported for two years, and in two colors, owners of this bike are lucky as even though it’s rare, the mechanical parts are easy to source due to the YSR50 connection.

Yamaha RX50 - Engine

This specific Yamaha RX50 (VIN: JYA23H000EA110431) was originally in the states, and found its way up to Canada 4 years ago. The owner claims it’s a museum-grade bike (and it does look quite clean), though the omission of the tank decals is almost jarring to my eyes. Still, one would hope that would be relatively easy to source. Mechanically, everything works, so just gas it and go.

Yamaha RX50 - Right Side

While these bikes truly are a joy to put around on (and would be great learning bikes if they weren’t becoming collectible), the market doesn’t seem to appreciate them. The last one we featured (which was in great shape) didn’t meet reserve at just $501. Find this Yamaha RX50 for sale in Toronto, Canada with a BIN price of $2,737

Yamaha RX50 - Exhaust