1965 Honda S90

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In the mid/late sixties and early 70’s, Honda was busy. For one, they were developing and releasing arguably one of the most important motorcycles of all time, the CB750. Simultaneously, they were also putting a reliable, well-built engine into a series of purpose-built motorbikes. The single cylinder 90cc engine was the heart of their CL90, CT90, CD90, the iconic C90, and our bike in question, the S90.

The Honda S90 was Honda’s small displacement, lightweight sports bike. It was in production from 1964-1969 and featured the air-cooled 90cc single cylinder engine mentioned above, producing 8 horsepower. The transmission in the S90 was a 4-speed unit that was fitted to all the 90cc bike produced in these lines. The S90 didn’t come equipped with a tachometer, what it did have was suggested shift points on the speedometer. The frame was pressed steel rather than tubular to save weight, so trail riding is not recommended.

This Super 90 has traveled 5,151 short miles in it’s 54 years of life, and there’s a few things to note – new seat cover, missing tank badges, a black muffler, and a sticker from the original dealership – Skip’s Honda Center in Keyser, West Virginia. This is one of the lower asking prices we’ve seen for a S90 as of late, so find this 1965 Honda Super 90 in Phoenix, Arizona for $1,500 here on Craigslist.

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