1966 Bultaco Metralla Project Bike

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Formed out of the wreckage of the Montesa racing program in 1958, Bultaco was a company organized around producing fast motorcycles. Though they would become best known for their off road products, Bultaco also built some fine street/race machines in their 25 year history.

Introduced in 1962 the Metralla was quite possibly the fastest 2 stroke motorcycle on the planet at the time. It was a really great combination of handling and power that sold very well in Spain, but not so well in the US. Possibly the translation of Metralla to American English was ‘Shrapnel’ may have had a bearing on sales.

The 1966 Bultaco Metralla Model 62 used a 196 CC air cooled two stroke single cylinder motor that made an impressive 20 HP pushed through a four speed transmission with a total weight of 218 LBS made it a very fast 200 CC machine.

This Metralla has been sitting in a basement for near 40 years, and shows it. Though it is probably a less than 5000 mile bike it shows a lot of degradation from sitting but seems to be all there. A quick check of parts availability shows a great many parts available either NOS or reproduction. Not cheap, but I think everything can be replaced. I was quite frankly surprised at how many parts are available without checking a single owner’s forum. If you have a notion to restore/renovate a rare bike this might be a really good choice.

This particular 1966 Bultaco Metralla is in Dayton, Ohio and is listed as having been sitting since the 1970s. The motor is locked up, and the bike shows some wear but the starting bid seems to be in the ballpark of fair. The bike started at $1,995

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