1967 Aermacchi 350 Sprint Road Racer

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Post-Listing Update: Despite being relisted a couple of times, this Sprint did not meet reserve.

The Aermacchi 350 Sprint was part of a joint venture with Harley-Davidson, created when H-D bought 50% of Aermacchi to help them compete in the small bike market. Originally a 250cc, the bike was also offered as a 350cc which had success in GP racing – including 3 years in a row where they took 4 of the top 10 spots in the Isle of Man Junior TT.

Aermacchi 350 Sprint Road Racer - Left Side

The 344cc engine produced 25 horsepower, pushing the Sprint up to 92 miles per hour. Weight was about 330 pounds wet, and the original MSRP was $795. If you want more information, check out this article from Motorcycle Classics about how this tiny Italian Harley was better than most people expect.

Aermacchi 350 Sprint Road Racer - Engine

This specific Aermacchi 350 Sprint (VIN: 67SS11865) has been turned into a ‘road racer’, and enjoy as a rebuilt motor (work done by Feruccio (Frank) Giannini of Giannini Racing). It also comes with PVL electronic ignition, a dry clutch, upgraded cam, and 11:5 pistons.

Aermacchi 350 Sprint Road Racer - Right Side

Find this Aermacchi 350 Sprint for sale in San Marcos, California with a BIN of $8,995

Aermacchi 350 Sprint Road Racer - Gauges

Interestingly enough, the seller himself notes that this bike was sold at Mecum Las Vegas last month (where you can easily tell the purchase price was $7,000). I’d love to know what he’s done in the last month that justifies a $2k price increase.

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