1967 Fuji Rabbit 90 S-202

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Post Listing Update: This Rabbit did not meet reserve despite 22 bids up to $750 on eBay in Richmond, Michigan.

Japan’s first scooter was built in 1946 by Fuji. Called the Rabbit S-1, it was released six months before Vespa’s first model. The Rabbit was the name given to Fuji’s scooter lineup, and it ranged from the top-of-the-line Superflow down to the S-202 which was later introduced as an entry-level offering for those who just needed cheap transportation.

The S-202 was also called the Rabbit 90, which should give you a hint about the displacement of the motor, which was a two-stroke single paired with a 3-speed manual.

This example (VIN: S20221767) has a lot of rust but it is said to run and the electric starter and lights work without issues. Some non-stock parts include a replacement shock and LED turn signals. Find this Rabbit for sale in Richmond, Michigan with bidding up to $315 and the reserve not yet met or a BIN of $1,950

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