1968 BSA Spitfire MKIV

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12-26-2017 Update: Almost a year later, commenter PeeJay notes that this Spitfire is back up for sale again. Looks like the seller used the previous eBay bidding to set an estimated value, as he/she is now asking for $9,500 here on Craigslist.

Post Listing Update: Despite 16 bids up to $8,850, this Spitfire did not meet reserve.

1968 was the last year of the “Mark” Spitfires – at the end of the year BSA released the Rocket III and that took the place of top dog. 1,291 MKIV bikes were built, with another 478 bikes that were hybrids of the ’67 and ’68 models. Improvements over the MkIII included Amal Concentric carbs, a twin leading shoe front brake, and independently-adjustable Lucas ignition points.

The above changes plus some improvements to the lubrication system bumped power to 53 ponies, which yielded a top speed of approximately 115 miles per hour. For more information on the Spitfire model run, check out this Retrospective from Rider Magazine.

This example (VIN: A65SB2507) features the Euro (larger) fuel tank and is said to be in excellent running condition thanks to minimal use over the last 20 years. It has a modern Power Sonics battery and a recent oil change. The seller notes that there are small ‘pimples’ in the paint and that he drains the gas tank when it’s not in use.

Find this late-run Spitfire for sale in Greenwich, Connecticut with an unmet opening bid of $3,500

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