1969 BSA 441 Victor

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In the early 60’s, BSA’s race team was developing a large single in the hopes of winning the 500cc world motocross championship. A 441cc engine ended up being the ticket, which helped BSA capture the 500cc championship in ’64 and ’65. The following year, the company released the BSA 441 Victor Special to the public.

BSA 441 Victor - Tank

The first years of the Victor, it was simply a MX bike with lights. You got an impressive 11:1 compression system (which required a decompression lever), and a battery-less ignition system which made it a challenge to kick-start. The unit construction engine was punchy but vibrated badly at high revs, but the bike only weighs 275 pounds, helping to make it easy to ride. By 1969, the Victor had turned into more of a street bike, with lower compression, a battery with coil ignition, and other minor changes that made some feel like the bike had sold out. Want to learn more? Check out Motorcycle Classics for one owner’s long-term experience with one of these bikes.

“The 441 single is a rare jewel of simplicity and a masterpiece of performance.” – Cycle, April 1968

BSA 441 Victor - Gauges

This specific 441 Victor (VIN: EC15841BB) is claimed to be in ‘excellent running condition’. The tank has been repainted, it has a new front fender and exhaust, and the speedometer has been replaced. Lots of little pieces are new to ensure that this bike is apparently a first-kick starter each time. Flaws are limited to two small dents at the rear of the tank, a small tear on the original seat, and a spot weld on the shift lever bolt.

BSA 441 Victor - Front Right

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