1969 Suzuki Stinger Custom

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Seeing this Suzuki Stinger for sale on eBay made me chuckle – when BikeEXIF featured it 5 months ago, I noticed a surge of traffic to a non-running Suzuki Stinger that I had previously featured (which sold for less than a grand). That says two things to me – first, BikeEXIF has a lot of clout, and second, not enough people know about the Stinger and its absolutely beautiful gas tank.

Suzuki Stinger Custom - Front Left

A little bit more about the Stinger, as a review: a 125cc bike with a great name and looks to die for, the screaming two-stroke twin-cylinder was the most exciting 125 bike of the time. The engine was good for 15.1 horsepower, giving the Stinger a top speed of just about 75 miles per hour. This bike also gave you a 5-speed transmission, and it was the only bike in its class to come with a speedometer and tachometer. Telling of the time, advertisements for the Stinger even highlighted the fact that the “front brake also activates the rear brake light!”

Suzuki Stinger Custom - Gas Tank

This specific Suzuki Stinger was apparently built by the owner of Air-Tech Streamlining as a product showcase. It has a fresh top end, custom bodywork, and other things I can’t be bothered to list because I keep getting distracted by photos of this beauty. It’s currently in ‘museum display’ setup, meaning it’s been drained of all fluids, but the seller insists that it can be brought back to running condition in an afternoon.

Suzuki Stinger Custom - Top

Find this Suzuki Stinger for sale in Vista, California with bidding up to $3,550 and the reserve not yet met (or a BIN price of $14,000)

Suzuki Stinger Custom - Right Side

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