1972 Bond Bug 700ES

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Post Sale Update: This Bond Bug sold for $19,000 after 31 bids on eBay in Hamburg, New York.

Built by Reliant (the same company that made the Robin), the Bond Bug is a microcar with two seats and three wheels. The initial idea was to create something sportier than the Robin and the Regal to appeal to younger buyers, though it didn’t make it to market until Reliant had been bought by Bond in 1969.

Initial models included the 700, 700E, and the top of the line 700ES which had a power bump to 31 horsepower and a few more amenities – truly luxurious items like mudflaps, an ashtray, and a spare wheel! Just 2,268 were built between 1970 and 1974, and the seller of this example (VIN: BB61652) tates that 150-200 are still on the road, “less than a dozen” of which are in North America. This was restored in 2017 in the UK and the seller then imported it to the US.

Find this Bond Bug for sale in hamburg, new York with bidding up to $3,625 and the reserve not yet met here on eBay.