1959 Cezeta 501 with Trailer

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The Cezeta 50x series of scooters are some of the most interestingly-styled vehicles that have ever been built. This is an example of the 501, the first of the series made by the Czechoslovakian company.

The odd shape had its advantages – the fuel tank was stuffed up front so the underseat area is a large storage compartment. The large front also provided another surface for a luggage rack, as well. The 501 had a 175cc two stroke single that was capable of getting the scoot up to 55 miles per hour. After decades of production hiatus, Cezeta came back a couple of years ago with the 506 – almost the exact same style but with an electric powerplant. Looks like things might not be going great, though, as the entire company is for sale. Their website says that they can rival Vespa worldwide and they even share a mini investment deck for anyone that wants to invest.

Back to the 50s: unfortunately, the seller gives no details about this bike beyond the price, so you’ll have to call if you want more info. Still, the photos show that it comes with a fantastic color-matched PAV 40 trailer.

Find this Cezeta in St. Louis, Missouri for $12,999 here at Michael’s Motorcycles.