1995 MZ Silver Star Classic Gespann

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It’s rare to find factory sidecar options on bikes made in the last three decades, but the “Gespann” was MZ’s name for their sidecar option on the Silver Star.

These bikes are just so rare that you’ll end up having to do a lot of your own work. Thankfully, the 499cc thumper in this Silver Star is built by Rotax, so some mechanics will be familiar with the 34 horsepower heart of this German machine. Just make sure you’re the kind of person that can constantly put up with being asked what kind of bike you’re riding any time you stop! If you’re looking at any MZ, your best option is MZ Riders, by far the best resource out there online.

This example has just under 14,000 miles and the seller claims that it’s well-maintained with “good tires” from Coker, high rise Magura bars, a Supertrapp muffler, “upgraded” controls, and a Magura hydraulic clutch.

Find this MZ for sale in Parlin, New Jersey for $5,000 here on Facebook Marketplace.

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