1974 Bultaco Pursang

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The Bultaco Pursang was one of the most famous bikes from the Bultaco line. Originally formed in 1959, Bultaco was formed primarily by former employees of the Montesa racing department. With time, Bultaco became known for off-road competition bikes, such as this Pursang, which was their most popular motorcycle in the United States. Originally offered in displacements ranging from 125cc to 350cc, the highest-spec grew to 370cc before the first closure of the factory in 1979.

Bultaco Pursang - Right Side

In 1974, to celebrate Bultaco’s victory in the 250cc Spanish Grand Prix, Bultaco released all new models, which were probably as close as you could get to buying a factory race bike at the time. Different paint schemes separated the 250cc from the big-bore 360cc – the latter of which featured the red and yellow scheme you see here.

“There are two types of race freaks – Bultaco freaks and non Bultaco freaks. If you want to win in motocross, get a Bultaco, hold it wide open and hang on!” Motocross Action- June 1975

Bultaco Pursang - Engine

This specific Bultaco Pursang is a matching numbers bike, and an excellent example of the model 121 Pursang. A restoration (specially performed to be under-restored) was recently completed, and the bike was shown at the Hanford Classic Motorcycle Show, where it scored an excellent 95 out of 100 points. The seller spends some time detailing what points were deducted for – the trivial kind of things that disappoint us at Bike-urious, where we believe bikes should be ridden. For example, one of the points was deducted because judges felt the seat foam was slightly higher than original. Save this bike from the show circuit and get it dirty instead!

Bultaco Pursang - Seat

Find this Bultaco Pursang for sale here on eBay for $8,350 in Santa Barbara, California.