1974 Kenny Dreer Norton VR880 Commando Sprint Special

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5-26 Update: This Kenny Dreer Norton VR880 Commando Sprint Special is back up for sale. Bidding is up to $13,951

Post-Listing Update: Despite 53 bids up to $26,900, this Kenny Dreer Norton VR880 Commando Sprint Special did not meet reserve on eBay.

Kenny Dreer, the man who almost brought Norton back from the grave several years ago, got his start restoring motorcycles from the British marque at his shop called Vintage Rebuilds (VR) near Portland, Oregon. As the 1990s came to an end, he started building his own variant of the Commando, which he called the Norton VR880.

Norton VR880 - Gauges

Less than 50 were built – I’ve seen people claim that the production run was exactly 48 but I can’t find official confirmation of the number. A much smaller number (possibly between 4 and 6) were built with the hand-hammered aluminum finish that reminds me of a Ducati Monster Cromo. The VR880, also called the Sprint Special, was released in ’99 with newly cast and manufactured parts, as well as a bored out 880cc twin.

Norton VR880 - Left Side

This specific Norton VR880 is completely original with just 1138 miles on the odometer. It comes with the original paperwork from Vintage Rebuilds…and that’s pretty much it. As if you needed more. Replace the tires, and enjoy your modernized Commando.

Norton VR880 - Right Side

Find this Norton VR880 for sale in Highstown, New Jersey with bidding up to $20,120 and the reserve not yet met

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