1974 Rickman Honda CR750

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Post Listing Update: This Rickman Honda did not get any interest at the opening ask of $11,995.

Apparently it’s Rickman week on Bike-urious. After the CR900 and Chantland-powered Metisse from a few days ago, here’s a CR750 (named for the Honda CB750 motor). The Rickman concept is well-summarized by the brothers themselves: “The Japanese produced very good engines, but they put much less attention into their chassis…we developed our own frames to accept those new four-cylinder engines. Our kits handled very well as compared to the production models.

Rickman left the engines alone, so you get the usual 736cc inline four that produced 67 horsepower. But instead of a bike that some described as “wobbly” at 90 mph, the Rickman frame (made out of 531 Reynolds manganese-molybdenum) made this bike sure-footed at even three-digit speeds. For more on the Rickman Honda CR750, check out this article from Motorcycle Classics.

This example is claimed to be in “very original unrestored condition”, though the fairing and tank don’t look like other Rickman CR750s that I’ve seen or featured for sale. In the seller’s words, he gets on buying “kicks”, and that’s why he currently has 5 Rickmans and wants to get rid of some. The listing has good information, nothing that the motor is probably from a ’72 though the bike is titled as a ’74. The bike has less than 7,500 miles and everything is said to work, though the seller states that this is a “great candidate for a simple restoration or ride it as is.”

11/30 UPDATE: The seller found this post and kindly shared a different CR750 with a similar tank:

Find this CR750 for sale in Los Gatos, California with an unmet opening bid of $11,995

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