1975 Kawasaki H1 500

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Known as the ‘Widowmaker’, the Kawasaki H1 series were a range of triples famous for being incredibly quick and terrible to handle.

Kawasaki H1 - 1

The Kawasaki H1 500 was the mid-size model, and was easily the fastest 500cc bike around. By keeping everything cheap, Kawi was able to market this bike to young gentlemen who wanted the fastest bike possible for less than a grand. This led to very quick bikes that couldn’t really stop or turn.

Kawasaki H1 - 2

This particular example has had some work done to remedy the chassis issues – so if you’re looking for an unmodified survivor, you’ll want to move on. But if you’re looking for a H1 that’s a bit more civilized, this might be the bike for you. It features a lengthened swingarm, modern calipers and master cylinder from a Suzuki Intruder, and modern rubber. The custom paint and seat might not be for everyone, but it definitely gets attention, as does the quintessential ‘2 right, 1 left’ exhaust pattern.

Kawasaki H1 - 3

Find it here on the seller’s personal webpage for $4200 in Christmas, Florida.