Ghost Rider Buell

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Ghost Rider Buell - 1

Hard to describe this one, so you’ll just have to see it for yourself! What we have here is a heavily modified Buell created for the Nicolas Cage movie ‘Ghost Rider’.

Originally released to the public as part of a Sony/Sobe giveaway, the bike has now found a home in SLC.

Ghost Rider Buell - 2

Modifications are numerous, as is evident from the photo. They include a chromed frame, one-off (and in my opinion, lovely) underseat exhaust, Pesnke shock, NOS cans on each side of the bike, and a whole lot more. We try to feature unique bikes on this site, and this is probably as unique as it gets for street-legal bikes.

Ghost Rider Buell - 3

Find it here on ADVRider for $10,000 in Salt Lake City, Utah