2001 Honda NSR 150 – Repsol

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9-27 Update: 5 months later, this Honda NSR 150 has now turned up on eBay, with just a few more miles and, most importantly, a New York Title! Not bad. Find it here with bidding at $3,150 and the reserve not yet met in Newport News, Virginia. Let’s see how much the price has shot up now that this bike is titled. Thanks to Zack B for finding the new listing of this bike.

Only sold in Asian markets, the Honda NSR 150 was an beginner-level bike that was designed to look like a full-sized one. With that said, it begs the question – how did this bike make it to the states?

Honda NSR 150 - 1

This would make a great tiny track bike, or hopefully you live in a state with lax regulations that you’d be able to register this in. These bikes were full of technology you wouldn’t expect from little bikes, including a 6-speed tranny, dual disc brakes, and SSSA. NSR150’s sold in Taiwan made approximately 20 horsepower, while those sold in Thailand made 30. Based on the stickers on the tank, we’re guessing that this is one of the more powerful ones.

Honda NSR 150 - 2

This specific Honda NSR 150 has covered 1,000 miles, and features a Repsol replica paint job. Only one cosmetic issue – there’s a crack in the front left headlight that has since been hidden with a Repsol sticker.

Honda NSR 150 - 4

Find this Honda NSR 150 here on Craigslist for $3650 in Nassau, New York. Enjoy working with the bill of sale…