1983 Honda CX650 Turbo

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In the 80s, Japanese manufacturers started to throw turbos onto a lot of their bikes as they saw it as the future of motorcycling. Kawi, Yamaha, and Honda all had turbo options, though the Honda CX650 Turbo was arguably the best. For varying reasons, the market never panned out, and so only 1,200 were ever imported into the US and Canada.

Honda CX650 Turbo - 1

“Off boost, the CX650T chuffs its way down the road like a mildly tuned 650 twin. On boost, it accelerates like an F-4 being blasted off the flight deck of the USS Enterprise by a steam catapult.”
— Rider, October 1983

Honda CX650 Turbo - 3

This particular example is nearly 100% original and comes with the original tool kit, air pressure gauge, owners manual, and shop manual. Just like the CBX, this bike was quite the game-changer from Honda, and will also live on as a classic due to its novelty and rarity.

Honda CX650 Turbo - 4

Find this Honda CX650 Turbo here on eBay in Willoughby, Ohio, with the reserve not yet met at $4,000 and 4 days left in bidding.