1975 Rupp Centaur

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Founded in 1959, Rupp Manufacturing started out as a kart manufacturer in Mansfeld, Ohio. Within 10 years, they had grown to a 400-employee shop pumping out mini-bikes, go-karts, snowmobiles, and a 3-wheeler appropriately named the Rupp Centaur.

The Centaur was only sold in ’74 and ’75. You had four paint scheme options, and an all fiberglass body. Rumor has it that Rupp had partnered with Volkswagen to supply engines, however VW ended up trying to renegotiate prices and Rupp called their bluff. The engine contract instead went to Kohler for a 340cc fan-cooled snowmobile motor. What’s confusing is that Rupp had their own in-house snowmobile engines (like they used for their Go Joe), but for some reason they decided not to use them. Just 1,200 were ever built. Want more information? Check out this article from Hemmings.

Rupp Centaur - Left Side

This Centaur will need some cleaning and a little maintenance (it’s not clear what that will entail), but find it for sale here on Craigslist in Stewartville, Minnesota for $5,500.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Jim R!

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