1977 Kawasaki KV75

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Post Listing Update: this KV75 did not get any interest at the opening ask of $2,100.

At the end of the 60s, Honda released a reduced size machine called the Monkey. These baby motorcycles immediately gained popularity among American families and society thanks to their ease of use. Seeing the success of the Monkey, Honda developed another small-size bike, the CT70, and other manufacturers started to develop their own small machines to get their share of the pie. In 1971, Kawasaki released the MT1 which would be renamed KV75 in 1975.

Just like the Monkeys, the MT1/KVs were pretty simple. The small single-cylinder 2 stroke engine developed 4.2 hp and was coupled to a semi-automatic gearbox of 3 gears, which made the bike fun and easy to ride. On top of that, the handlebars were foldable which made the bike easy to transport. To get more information on the KV, please check out Cyclepedia.

The KV presented in this article is in fully restored condition, showing about 300 miles. The carb and petcock have been cleaned and rebuilt with new seals and gaskets. The long list of work done to the bike includes a new headlight, new brake lever, and a new seat.

Find this KV75 in Bakersfield, California with an opening bid of $2,100 or a direct price of $2,800

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