Start A Team – Pair of 2006 Ducati Sport Classic Race Bikes

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First unveiled in 2003 in prototype form before going into production in 2005 (as a ’06 model year), Ducati’s Sport Classic was an instant success, despite predating the current retro-craze by several years. Examples were snapped up quickly, and as the model gained instant collector’s status, used specimens saw their value trump the bike’s original MSRP. Because of the Sport Classic’s relatively high price point, ownership is largely limited to more affluent riders, which has consequently lead to quite a few owners thoroughly decking out their respective examples in spare-no-expense style builds.

Here we have two such examples, each of which has been outfitted with a massive bevy of top-shelf performance parts — including a handful of NCR components — and various carbon bits. Both bikes are extremely similar, though there are a few subtle differences both aesthetically as well as under the hood. The pair of retro-themed Italian racers were reportedly built by Chris Boy of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida’s MotoCorse Performance.

Upgrades found on both bikes include Woodcraft rear-sets with MCP’s lowering kit, quick turn throttle kit with electric brake-fade lever-adjuster, quick-change rear axles, titanium sprockets and EVR3 chain, billet kill switch and GP-style switchgear, 24 volt starter, Lithium batteries, hard-wired (WestHold) MyLaps X2 Transponder, AIM MXL Dash, Nemesis Traction Control, and SP quick-shifter. NCR also provided the bikes’ adjustable triple clamps, titanium bolt kit, and the front fairing brackets that support both examples’ full carbon fiber bodywork. Both examples also sport full Ohlins suspenders (including steering-damper), race-grade Brembo braking hardware (with MCP titanium rear rotors and trick Accossato levers), carbon/kevlar fuel-cells, and carbon fiber wheels from BST.

Boy at MCP was responsible for rebuilding both examples’ powertrain, with the two Sport Classics getting Velocity stacks, K&N filtration, “lightweight gears”, Zullo Racing custom lightweight wiring harness, Nichols motor mount bolts, oversized NCR oil-cooler and oversized breather box, and custom titanium exhausts with carbon ShiftTech silencers. Both examples also underwent engine rebuilds in 2017, though less than 50-miles (80km) have been put on the black-framed 140hp example since, while a little over 200 miles have been added to the green-framed specimen since the refresh.

The example with the black frame features a Ducati 1100 EVO mill thats been fitted with NCR’s 1215cc kit and MCP’s Stage 7 Heads. The 2006 racer now supposedly makes 140 horsepower at the rear wheel. The other, green-framed, example is also built around the 1100 EVO engine, but gets NCR’s 1123 kit and MCP’s Stage 6 Heads, affording the bike a claimed 130 horses at the wheel. There really are just too many details to list in their entirety, so I recommend checking out the bikes’ ads if you’re interested in a more exhaustive parts-list.

The sale of either bike includes front and rear Pitbull track stands and battery tender/chargers. The seller also says an “extensive spares package” is available for an added fee, and that both bikes can be purchased together as a package deal (assumably at a discount), with or without the spares. (Note: the “Hero” logos on the bikes aren’t to be confused with the Indian moto-manufacturer, and are instead for a laundry detergent outfit).

You can find this 140hp black-framed 2006 Ducati Sport Classic built by Chris Boy of MCP in Melbourne, Florida with a BIN price of $54,000

The slightly lower-spec, higher-mileage, 130hp, green-framed example has a BIN price of $46,000 also

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