1977 Maico MC400 AW

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Post Listing Update: This Maico did not get any interest at the opening ask of $4,000.

Maico was a German manufacturer that gained notoriety in the 1960s for building two stroke rocket ships designed to carry you through any terrain you might encounter on your way to the finish line. The 400cc two stroke engine coupled with the upgraded long travel suspension after 1974.5 was a force to be reckoned with at the starting gate, capable of turning any average rider into a semi-professional. Descriptions I read reminded me of what the BMW S1000RR did to sport bikes (and to me at California Superbike School).

The current owner of this 1977 Maico MC400 AW (VIN: 3263052) had a nut and bolt restoration completed by SoCal Maico. Oil has not yet graced the crankcase of this machine, but it is ready to run in vintage motocross with spares included. Additionally, the period correct tank decals are included if you wish to preserve historical accuracy. Unfortunately, life happens, and the owner is downsizing. This time capsule is ready for a new owner, who will hopefully at least let the sun shine off the freshly painted tank. Maybe educate the public on Maico, and perhaps two strokes while you’re at it? Would you accept responsibility as curator for this German work of art?

Find this Maico for sale in Scottsdale, Arizona with an unmet opening bid of $4,000