1977 Penton/KR Short Tracker 250

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This was a submission over on the Iconic auction site, and I had never heard of one before. I enjoyed learning about it, so let me share with you: in February 1977, Penton introduced a new model that had two extra letters in the name: KR. That’s because the Penton/KR short tracker had been designed and tested by none other than Kenny Roberts himself!

The frame, fiberglass bodywork, and handlebars were designed by Kenny, while the 250cc engine and 5-speed transmission came from KTM. Other features included a 36mm Lectron carb, Motoplat ignition, Cranke-designed expansion chamber, Magura controls, Ceriani forks, S&W shocks, Carlisle tires, and ADE wheels/disc brake in the rear. Penton hired Mike Kidd to race the ’77 short track season, starting with the Astrodome in January of that year. However, he did not have great results. In a Classic Dirtbike story, Kenny said, “I built about 25 of them. It was a damn good motor, I really liked it and I don’t know why Mike Kidd didn’t win on it, as I would have won every race on it. I guess they sold them all, for sure. I only had a deal to build the chassis. I tested it to make sure it was okay, and I never raced it.

Kenny went on to say, “The Pentons that I built were mild steel. From there, I went back to Europe and never looked back.” The article notes that the following three years, he won the 500cc World Championships…

This example is VIN: KRP 15, Engine #: 6-5408787. The seller states that it was given a “total restoration including a motor rebuilt by Penton expert Gary Ellis.” He adds that it is factory correct in showroom condition and that it has no cosmetic or mechanical issues.

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