1977 Yamaha RD400

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Post Sale Update: This RD – sold for $6,100 after 25 bids on eBay in Olathe, Kansas.

After Yamaha’s wonderful RD350, the only way to go was up. 1976 brought the RD400, with 40 hp and enough torque to keep the front wheel off the ground as long as you dare. Just 350 pounds of weight made for a svelte ride on and off the track. Brakes were a weak point, but only until the next time you twisted the throttle and forgot.

The 1977 RD400 (VIN: 1A1305925) brought the first year for cast wheels on a standard production vehicle, giving the model a claim to fame beyond just a mountain of power in a small powerband. This 3,915 mile example sits in Kansas as an unrestored original. It must have been in storage and reasonably maintained, though there are not many details beyond ‘runs and drives.’ The tach and speedo are mentioned to be in need of repair, but the aesthetics seem to be stuck in time. Not even the chrome has a blemish.

Find this RD400 for sale in Olathe, Kansas with bidding up to $3,051 and the

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