50th Anniversary Project – 1954 Harley-Davidson KH

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Post Listing Update: This KH did not meet reserve despite 41 bids up to $11,000 on eBay.

In 1952, Harley announced the new Model K. Raised compression and bigger cams were good for 30 hp from 45 cubic inches. For their 50th anniversary in 1954, Harley introduced the redesigned KH model and continued their bigger is better mentality, bumping engine capacity to 54 cubic inches. They also added a medallion to the front fender to commemorate their five decades of existence. Shared engine and transmission cases increased reliability, while stronger internals made for eight extra ponies.

This 50th Anniversary Harley Davidson Model KH (VIN: 54KH1540) was restored 20 years ago then placed in a museum for preservation. It has not been started since the rebuild, but the engine, clutch, and brakes are noted to be free. With only 8,640 miles, the white paint and seat have lived out the restoration in glory. The cases are clean, but the frame does show some signs if its age. There are a few pictures noting when time left its mark.

Find this Harley-Davidson for in Holden, Missouri with bidding up to $8,322 and the reserve not yet met

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