1978 Kawasaki KX250 A-4

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Post Sale Update: this KX250 sold for $5,000 after 20 bids on eBay in Louisville, Kentucky.

Even better, the buyer is a buddy of mine that I’ve met through Iconic Motorbikes, and he sent me this photo because he had one of these new! He unfortunately lost it in a home fire five years ago and has been looking to replace it – here’s an amazing photo of him on his first one:

In 1978, Kawasaki debuted a “works replica” called the KX250 A-4. PulpMX called it “a works bike for the chosen few,” and it was a limited production (~1,500, ~600 of which came to the US) notice to the rest of the industry that Team Green was getting serious about MX after a few years of dismal sales.

Claimed horsepower was 40, and the bike weighed just 206 pounds. It was specifically designed for experts, and it featured the first use of long-travel suspension on a KX as well as the industry’s first use of a Boyesen reed valve. A period Kawasaki brochure notes that it has a ~2.1 gallon tank, magnesium engine covers, magnesium hubs with alloy wheels, full floating rear brakes, and plastic fenders. IT also ends with “At publication time the KX250 is the lightest and most powerful 250-class motocrosser available through a sizable dealer network in the United States.” Unfortunately for Kawasaki, Honda was about to release the 1978 CR250R Elsinore. Still, for those in the know, the Kawi A-4 is a historically significant MX bike that as pretty as it is rare.

This example (VIN: 250A000758) is said to be entirely original except for the number decals, sprocket, and rear tire. The seller’s had it as a display bike in his office for about a year but notes that it’s easy to start, doesn’t leak, and that it “runs, rides, shifts, and stops.”

Find this KX250 for sale in Louisville, Kentucky with bidding up to $4,350 and the reserve not yet met here on eBay.

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