1979 Moto Morini 3 1 / 2 Strada

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The Moto Morini 3 1 / 2 is one of our favorite bikes from the 1970s. Expensive when it was released (the price point was comparative to bikes with twice the engine size), it was an incredible handler that was also capable of the ton. We’re still stunned that the 3 1/2 isn’t well known, but we aren’t surprised by the passion of the cult following this bike has accumulated. Read on to learn why.

Moto Morini 3 1 2 - Featured

Powered by a 344cc (hence the 3 1/2 designation) with proprietary heads, this bike featured 39 horsepower to push just 320 pounds. Even when they were new, these bikes were rare, so you wouldn’t be remiss in thinking parts availability for these little jewels would be fruitless. We’re glad to report otherwise – the original US importer is still in business if you need spare parts. Want to learn more? We recommend you check out a writeup from Motorcycle Classics. Important distinction – Moto Morini made a Sport and a Strada version of the 3 1/2. The Strada was the “street” version, so it featured lower compression and slightly softer suspension than its’ Sport brother.

Moto Morini 3 1 2 - Right Side

This specific Moto Morini 3 1 / 2 is a Strada model, which hurts collectability a little bit. But with a recent paint job, this bike should be more of a weekend rider than a collectible, anyway. Note that Hugo Wilson rides a 3 1/2 as a commuter – so you can, too! This bike has the original La Franconi mufflers, Marzocchi forks, and Grimeca disk brakes. It seems to be in good running shape, and has just 5,800 miles.

Moto Morini 3 1 2 - Gauges

Find this Moto Morini 3 1 / 2 for sale here on eBay with bidding currently at $1,800 in McDonald, Pennsylvania.

Moto Morini 3 1 2 - Left Side

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