1980 HMV Freeway

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Post Listing Update: This Freeway did not meet reserve despite 10 bids up to $2,800 in Morgantown, Pennsylvania on eBay.

The brainchild of David Edmonson, High Mileage Vehicles (HMV) sold about 700 units of the “Freeway”, a three-wheeled oddity that just barely qualifies as a motorcycle. It’s a stretch, but I can’t help myself when it comes to sharing oddballs with you.

3 engines were available – two gasoline powerplants and a diesel option, though no one ever bought an example of the latter. You could get a 12hp or 16hp variant of the gasoline engine, capable of 100mpg and 60mpg respectively when driven at 40 miles per hour. The engine was mounted in the rear and utilized a CVT (with a chain final drive) to motivate the single rear wheel. Reverse was apparently an option that was never made available to buyers, so you’ll have to plan before you park. Ignoring that, it had some nifty features – fully independent suspension, two-piece enclosed fiberglass bodywork, and a full undertray to minimize drag. It was designed to be licensed as a motorcycle (which it was federally), though some states considered it to be a car.

This Freeway (VIN: SW92065PA) has covered 6,133 miles while basically looking like a banana with a tumor on wheels thanks to the yellow paint. The seller (Classic Auto Mall) includes lots of great photos but it is frustratingly light on details, simply saying that the paint is fair and the “mechanicals are definitely in need of a once over for a thorough checkup” as “this car has some issues with the front suspension, and the rear drive wheel. It’s unclear tome how much work will be necessary, but I still think this is worth sharing because it’s such a curiosity.

Find this Freeway for sale in Morgantown, Pennsylvania with bidding up to $500 and the reserve not yet met

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