1980 Yamaha TZ350 Nico Bakker

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Post-Sale Update: Yet again, this Yamaha TZ350 Nico Bakker did not attract any attention.

Even before I started this site, I’d seen this Yamaha TZ350 Nico Bakker for sale. Though it didn’t meet reserve at $18,000 a year or two ago, it’s back up for sale with a lower BIN price now. A mid-teens race bike with pedigree? Click through to learn more…

Yamaha TZ350 Nico Bakker - No Fairing

First of all, you might be wondering who or what Nico Bakker is. Fair question. Nico (or Nikko) was a Dutch frame builder who built TZ frames from the 70s through the 90s – check out an example of the frame here. Nico actually started as a road racer, but he got to a point where he was better than the bikes he was riding. He felt the handling wasn’t good enough, so he decided to make his own frame. His improvement in race results led to interest from others who asked him to build frames for them, and his company was ready to go. Bakker still exists – check out this link for their current page and an example of bikes they’ve built on the left. I found the “BMW Specials” page particularly interesting.

Yamaha TZ350 Nico Bakker - Right Side No Fairing

This specific Yamaha TZ350 Nico Bakker has several race-specific parts, including a large OEM radiator, Campagnolo 18 inch magnesium wheels, OEM+ magnesium calipers, and Zanzani aluminum floating discs. It’s claimed that this exact bike won 4 Latino-American Championships, though I have no idea how to verify that.

Yamaha TZ350 Nico Bakker - Right Side

Find this Yamaha TZ350 Nico Bakker with a BIN price of $16,000 in Hollywood, Florida

Yamaha TZ350 Nico Bakker - Wheel

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