2008 Moriwaki MD250H

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Moriwaki is a Japanese engineering firm which produces nearly everything for bikes. With lots of race experience, they’ve become a trusted name in Japan and amongst a certain few here in the states. Using the Honda RS125 as a base, and their own propietary frame, swingarm, and much more, they created the Moriwaki MD250H as a ready to go road racer for youngsters and smaller adults.

Moriwaki MD250H - Right Rear

Introduced in 2008, it was initially brought to the states in very small numbers, specifically for teens competing in USGPRU spec racing. The next year, Moriwaki sold it to the public at a not-cheap $11,699-12,699 through certain Honda dealerships. But your money got you a well-spec’d bike. Fully adjustable Showa suspension from the RS125 racebike, the 250cc engine from the Honda CRF250X, Moriwaki exhaust, Keihin FCR flat-slide carb, and Dunlop slicks. With just 190 pounds of weight to carry, this bike is a very visceral thrill all the way up to the 13,000 rpm redline. Want to learn more? Check out the Moriwaki website for specs on the MD250H.

Moriwaki MD250H - Front Right

This specific Moriwaki MD250H has 8.3 hours on the clock since it was last rebuilt – remember that the engine is from a common Honda dual-sport, so no exotic mechanics needed. You’ll get a Vapor dash (original included), Race Tech cartridges up front and a Race Tech schok in the rear, plus plenty of spare parts that should get you through the next season or so.

Moriwaki MD250H - Left Rear

This entry-level racer was nearly $13k out the door, but now you can get this Moriwaki MD250H for sale with a BIN of $7,000 in Miami, Florida

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