1982 Ducati TT2

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Among many other things, Ducati is known worldwide nowadays for its trellis frame and belt-driven camshaft V-Twin engine, both of which owe their formation to the 1980 Pantah. The Pantah also formed the base of one of the greatest motorcycles of the 80s – the Ducati TT2 racer.

Ducati TT2 - Front Left

The TT2 was an instant success, and Ducati even made ‘customer’ versions for private teams that were chomping at the bit for a try at the bike. The frame weighed just 15.5 pounds, and there were trick components everywhere: Marzocchi front forks with magnesium sheaths, a cantiliver Paioli shock in the rear, Campagnolo ultra-light alloys and Brembos discs front and rear. For 5 years, the TT2 won all kinds of races, winning 4 Championships with the model. 40 were produced between ’81 and ’83, and it marked a truly successful return to racing for the Italian firm, who had went on hiatus in 1975.

Ducati TT2 - Right Side

This specific Ducati TT2 is one of the “Later Edition” bikes, and so comes equipped with 41mm Dell’Orto carbs and a 16″ Campagnolo front wheel (earlier bikes had 18″ front wheels). The current owner imported it from Belgium back in 2006, and has shown it several times since then. Ducati NA even recognized this motorcycle with an award in 2007, though the seller doesn’t specify what exactly said award was for.

Ducati TT2 - Left Side

Find this Ducati TT2 for sale here on Craigslist in New York, NY. As far as the price – if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. The seller notes that it’s “less than half of $150,000”. How much less than half, we may never know.