Electric Dual Sport – Zero DS 11.4

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Dual-sport bikes usually conjure up dreams of trips to Alaska and remote exploration. You might not associate a bike that needs to be charged every 100-150 miles with those types of trips, but if you’re someone who trailers a bike to the good stuff, the Zero DS 11.4 might just be the bike for you.

Zero DS 11.4 - Right Side

Zero has made incredible strides in the last few years – in fact, buying a used Zero is a tough sell because the tech has made such progress. Hollywood Electrics, our local Zero dealership, once told us two things: First, don’t even bother looking at a Zero built before 2012. Second, you won’t even get a chance to look for such a bike because current owners don’t want to get rid of them! With a top speed of 98 mph, a cost of running of just 1 cent per mile, and most importantly, 68 pound-feet of torque available off-idle, the Zero is an absolute hoot on fire roads (or even city streets). We got a chance to test the Zero FX (similar bike but a little lighter) a month ago or so, and you have to consciously make an effort to keep the front wheel on the ground. It’s rare when a bike makes you giggle from 0-30 like this one does. Want to learn more? Head over to Zero’s page for the DS to get more specifications. Or, check out a un-biased review from Cycle News that stresses how much improvement Zero has made with this bike over 2 years. To be entirely frank, our experience with this bike left us feeling that it’s an ideal in town runabout. Sure, it will handle fire roads, but you should look at the Zero MX if you really want to get an electric bike dirty. Once you get over the high upfront cost, you can enjoy a bike that’s cheap to run and silly fun at the speeds your government would like you to maintain.

Zero DS 11.4 - Gauges

This specific Zero DS 11.4 has the bigger factory battery pack (hence, 11.4), and has just 332 miles. Nearly new, this enables you to avoid the waiting list, taxes, and a good chunk of the initial depreciation. The seller includes body panels from the S model, which are black and a bit sportier. You’ll also get the original military green DS panels, the Zero Quick Charger, and a set of Zero Touch gloves – designed specifically to allow usage of a smartphone with a touchscreen. If you have an iPhone or Android, you can download an app from Zero that allows you to tweak features like the amount of engine braking, as well how “Eco” or “Sport” you want the powertrain to behave.

Zero DS 11.4 - Left Side

Find this Zero DS 11.4 for sale here on eBay with a BIN price of $11,700 in Mapleton, Utah.

Zero DS 11.4 - Rear