1982 Laverda Jota 120

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Post-Listing Update: Despite 13 bids getting up to $9,100, this Laverda Jota 120 did not meet reserve on eBay.

Laverda had been enjoying some decent success with its 3C model, a 1,000cc triple that provided more power than the twins it succeeded with minimal extra weight. The British importer of Laverda, Roger Slater, suggested they create a high-po version – which became the famous Jota (named after a Spanish dance). Built from ’76 to ’82, the Jota was a commercial success, due in part to the fact that it was the fastest production motorcycle to date. In the last year of production, the Laverda Jota 120 was introduced – named as such because the crankpin phasing had been adjusted to 120 degrees, helping to make the bike smoother compared to the original 180 degree arrangement.

Laverda Jota 120 - Front

The 120 model is considered by some to be a dilution of the original. Some sources claim over 130 incremental changes were made to create the 120 model, all of which were designed to make it easier to live with – lower vibration, rubber mounted engine, and left side gear change. Objectively, this is a better bike, but as it is with classic bikes, oftentimes the market appreciates charm over performance. The 90 horsepower engine was capable of letting the Jota hit over 140 miles per hour.

Laverda Jota 120 - Gauges

This specific Laverda Jota 120 (VIN: LAV10008471) has just enjoyed over $2,000 worth of work, including new tires, a battery, and a tune-up. It’s just waiting for a new owner to add to the current 30,163 miles on the odometer.

Laverda Jota 120 - Left Side

Find this Laverda Jota 120 for sale with an opening bid of $8,500 and a BIN price of $12,000 in Richmond, Virginia

Laverda Jota 120 - Right Side

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