1984 BMW R100CS Last Edition

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Post Listing Update: This R100CS got no interest at the opening bid of $4,400.

In 1984, BMW sold 75 examples of a “Last Edition” R100CS. The K series had been introduced 2 years before and ze Germans thought it was the future of their product line. So the German firm decided to honor the boxer motor with final run, and as you might expect the last bikes commanded a premium. However, US BMW riders were still so passionate for the boxer twin that BMW ended up bringing back the motor two years later. Owners of the “Last Edition” bikes were pissed because their motorcycles lost the reason for the increased value, and BMW’s compensation of a free helmet wasn’t sufficient for them. Still, 30+ years later these bikes are still interesting, even if they represent a lie!

This specific BMW R100 Last Edition (VIN: E6177314) is one of the R100CS models (BMW also did a Last Edition of the R100RS bikes) and it has 23,586 miles. It’s said to be original except for a repainted fairing. Last Edition bikes came with documentation, but the seller didn’t make any mention of if he/she has it or not. I would clarify that with the seller before placing a bid.

Find this BMW R100 Last Edition for sale in Portland, Oregon with bidding up to $4,400

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