1985 Suzuki GS700ES

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In 1985, Suzuki offered a slightly downsized 700 version of their popular GS750 to get around newly-implemented tariffs for motorcycles of 750cc and above. But by that point the GS750/700 was basically at the end of its run – the next year Americans would get to enjoy the game-changing GSX-R750 anyway.

The GS was supposed to be Suzuki’s game-changer, but it suffered from some bad luck. Most notable was in 1983, when the model was introduced – as Cycle World noted in this period review, that’s also when Honda brought out the 750 Interceptor and they got all the glory. “But although the ’85 GS is neither all-new nor high-tech, it still is as it was two years ago: one pretty slick sport machine nonetheless. It handles gracefully and nimbly, accelerates as fiercely its anything of its displacement, and is fun to ride. It’s a delightful motorcycle by anyone’s standards.” Still, in 1985 lots of buyers were just waiting for the upcoming GSX-R750, and sales of this model suffered.

This example (VIN: JS1GP72A6F2102368) has 22,500 miles and it’s said to be completely stock except for stainless steel brake lines up front. Issues include a broken fuel gauge (the seller says that the sending unit seems to be stuck) as well as some rash on the left fairing near the logo.

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