1991 Honda EZ90 Cub

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The Honda EZ90, also known as a Cub, was produced from 1991 until 1996. Designed for off-road use only, lots of Cubs were used as pit bikes (even by Honda’s ChampCar and IRL teams) as well as runabouts strapped on the back of RVs and campers.

Designed to make motorcycles more friendly, the Honda EZ90 hid all of its mechanicals inside the futuristic plastic bodywork, and it even offered an electric start, in addition to the kicker. Powered by an oil injected, 2-stroke 90cc engine, this scoot was faster than you’d expect. No clutch is required for the ‘automatic’ transmission. The swingarm functioned as the rear shock, and there was a little storage cubby in the front of the bike (where you see the Cub logo). Just for kicks, Honda even produced a snow-bike version (dubbed the EZ-Snow). The wheels were replaced with a steerable ski in the front and a rubber caterpillar track in the back. Unfortunately, it never made it to production – though plenty of people have made replicas. Get more information (and a cool photo) on the EZ-Snow here on RideApart.

This example (VIN: JH2HE0605MS100690) has unknown mileage and the seller says it’s not cosmetically perfect but it “fires right up and runs as it should.” It’s got the original tires with light wear.

Find this EZ90 for sale in Hickory, North Carolina with bidding up to $3,300 here on eBay.