1995 Kawasaki KLX650

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Everyone knows the KLR650, but in the mid-’90s Kawasaki also offered both a Tengai variant (same basic bike extra plastics) as well as the KLX, a faster and beefier version dual-sport. There was even a KLX650R, which was a competitor to Honda’s XR650R for those of you that wanted to race on a bigger bike – but today’s let’s just focus on the regular KLX650.

The KLX motor had a 10% bump in horsepower (39 at the rear wheel) compared to the KLR thanks to larger valves, different piston, and different carb jetting. Vibrations were also reduced thanks to a gear-drive balancer. Other upgrades included a new steel perimeter frame (though the design forced a 3.2 gallon fuel tank). The KLX was 10 pounds lighter (358 dry) and cost 20% more ($4,699 vs $3,899 in 1993). For more on the KLX, check out this Retrospective from Rider magazine.

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