843 Miles – 1982 Honda MB5

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Post Sale Update: after being relisted, this MB5 sold for $1,925 after 8 bids on eBay in Longmont, Colorado.

The Honda MB5 was only imported to the United States for one year, and for a while it did not leave a lasting impression. However, riders that grew up with these (or had a friend that used one as a first bike) are feeling pangs of nostalgia and these baby bikes are arguably turning into a cult classic.

The MB5 was very interesting – an incredibly light motorcycle that was styled like a tiny sport bike, had 5 speeds, and a tiny 49cc two-stroke engine that produced nearly 7 horsepower. MSRP was $798, and it included features that were reminiscent of much bigger bikes of the time, like a front disc brake, Honda’s Comstar wheels, and even a tachometer with a 10,500 rpm redline. For more on the MB5 (known as the MB50 outside of the US), check out the MB5 Super Site.

Find this MB5 for sale in Longmont, Colorado with bidding up to $950 and the reserve not yet met here on eBay.

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