1997 Bimota Mantra DB3

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Following up on yesterday’s oddball Italian upright is…another oddball Italian upright. The Bimota Mantra is definitely one of the most distinctive motorcycles to come out of the Rimini company’s doors. With that said, I love that they took a chance – you may never see a bike that looks like this again.

Weighing only 381 pounds, the 86 horsepower Ducati motor was capable of taking the Mantra up to 125 miles per hour. Compared to other Bimotas, the peak hp number seemed low, but you were rewarded with plenty of midrange torque. This made the Mantra one of the best in-town Bimotas you could buy.

It’s hard to categorize this bike. Featuring the engine from first gen Monster 900s and lots of pricey suspension and braking components, (not to mention a fake wood dashboard and a glovebox!), the Bimota Mantra was truly an odd duck in the bike world. Absurdly high pricing and the polarizing looks meant they sold poorly – only 454 were ever created. Want to learn more? Sylvia Stuurman has a page where she cataloged here experiences living with a Bimota Mantra for some time, and it’s a pleasant read. Find it here.

This example has 7,080 miles and it comes with the optional tall windshield. The seller says that it’s been recently serviced with fresh timing belts, updated clutch slave seal, fluids, carbs, and a battery. It also has a new Nitron shock.

Find this Mantra for sale in Miami, Florida at Bullpen Cycles for $8,900 here on Facebook Marketplace.