2 KM Project – 1981 Honda Stream

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Post Listing Update: This Stream was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

I’ve featured a few Honda Gyros over the years, but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to share the Gyro’s predecessor. The Stream was Honda’s first tilting three wheeler, and it was built on license from G. L. Wallis & Son of Surrey, England.

G. L. Wallis & Son was a design company, and it consisted of George Wallis, his son (duh), and a gentleman named Stan Jackson. They initially tried to create the ideal bicycle for delivery services, but after coming to the sentiment that most bicycle designs had already been created, they looked into trikes. In 1967, they developed a prototype where the front leaned but the rear stayed flat. BSA originally bought the designs and turned it into the Ariel 3, and after that flopped and BSA went out of business, George licensed the design to Daihatsu for a few years. After that, George let Honda run with it, and that’s how the Stream was born. For more on the history of George’s design, check out Scooter Nova.

This example has all of 2 kilometers on the odometer, but the seller notes that “it is not perfect” and it will need a carb clean, a new battery, and some “new rubber” (I’m guessing the seller is referring to tires and not fuel lines) before you fire it up and take it for a spin. Cosmetically, the bike had a crack and some “small marks on the fairings” repaired but the paint isn’t a perfect match. The rest of the flaws seem limited to some rust and corrosion on the front wheel.

Even if you’re not interested in bidding, it’s worth going at the listing just to see several photos of this oddball trike. Find this Honda Stream for sale in San Jacinto, California with a BIN of $3,875 or best offer