2 of 347 – Pulse Litestar Autocycle

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Built by the Owosso Motor Car Company, the Pulse was produced under a few different names, all of which were considered GCRVs – Ground Cruising Recreational Vehicles. With a fiberglass body designed to look like a plane and a rear-mounted motorcycle engine, the Pulse (also known as the Litestar) was a 2-seater was considered by the DMV to be motorcycles. Before the company went out of business in 1990, 347 of these vehicles were built – and here we have 2 of them, both from the same seller.

If you’re intrigued by the concept, here’s a great period article from 1989 on the company. Or if you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a great video that explains the Pulse Autocycle:

I also assume you’re going to want to see what it looks like on the road:

The first example is actually just the 4th one built (VIN: 1LSECP2E7F2000004). The original engine has been replaced with the 1,100cc engine from a Honda V65 – wonder how fast it goes now!

Pulse Litestar Autocycle - Left Side

The original dash fell apart and it has been removed, the seller has a new dash but it has not been installed yet. Due to the powertrain swap, there is no longer a reverse gear, and there’s some other things that need to get taken care of. Find it for sale in Portage, Michigan with bidding up to $5,300 and the reserve not yet met
Pulse Litestar Autocycle - Rear

The second option (VIN: 17JTW12J5FM000108) is #108 and it has also had the drivetrain replaced – this time with a 1,000cc engine from a ’78 Goldwing. This example is a bit tricker, with a repaint, turn signals that are ’59 Cadillac tail lights, leather interior, new windshield and canopy glass, as well as a custom dash with a flip-out screen/backup camera.

Pulse Litestar Autocycle - Cockpit

Reminds me of KITT from Knight Rider…

Find it for sale in Portage, Michigan with bidding up to $7,800

Pulse Litestar Autocycle - Left Front