2000 Derbi GPR50

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Post-Sale Update: This GPR50 sold for $1,599.

Derbi is a small Spanish company that started as a little bicycle shop near Barcelona, Spain. In fact, the name Derbi itself refers to the company’s beginnings, as it’s an acroynm (in Spanish) for “Derivatives of Bicycles). Derbi ended up being the only major Spanish manufacturer to survive the country’s transition to democracy, and they plugged along until 2001 when they were bought by Piaggio.

Derbi GPR50 - Cockpit

Derbi has always been excellent with their small displacement bikes, and the GPR 50 is no different. Full of big-bike’ features like watercooling for the two-stroke engine and a 6 speed transmission, this bike will return almost 100 miles per gallon while the 8 horsepower engine pushes you around town. Just remember – some of these were restricted to a top speed of 30mph. Pulling the restrictor off will let you double that speed, at least.

Derbi GPR50 - Front

This specific Derbi GPR50 (VIN: VTHGPRRBXYH152956) has just under 2,000 miles and runs great. It’s apparently been derestricted as the seller (who acquired this bike as part of a collection) has had it up to about 62 miles per hour. Everything works except the tur signals, and there’s some minor blemishes like a crack in the front fairing. Replace the tires and enjoy your pocket rocket!

Derbi GPR50 - Rear Right

Find this Derbi GPR50 for sale in Chandler, Arizona with an opening bid of $1,599 or a BIN of $2,200