2003 Bourget Low Blow

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Choppers bring out all kinds of passions in people. It could be “The freedom of the open road”, or “motorcycle art”, or “Outlaw” that springs to mind when you see a chopper. They can also be polarizing. Sport bike guys wonder why you would ride a bike that takes a block to turn around. Touring guys wonder where to put their stuff. But generally, a chopper guy just wants to look cool. This bike will help you there…..

Bourget Low Blow - Engine

Roger Bourget was a custom builder that rode the 2000-2010 wave of chopper popularity. His designs were long and low, usually with a built S&S motor or similar, hung in his proprietary oil-in-frame chassis. He also developed a jackshaft design that enabled the use of an extremely wide tire – up to 300 series, that he worked with Avon developing. With the popularity of choppers booming in the mid -2000’s, due to the TV Shows Orange County Choppers, West Coast Choppers and later, American Choppers, Bourget’s bikes were very desirable and priced accordingly. List on this would have been in excess of $30,000.

Bourget Low Blow - Tank

The seller claims the paint is flawless, and I imagine this bike is stunning in person. If choppers are your thing, find this bike in Atlanta here on Craigslist for $9,500 in Dacula, Georgia.