2004 BMW R1150R Rockster

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Post Sale Update: This BMW R1150R Rockster is no longer available.

The BMW R1150R Rockster was an interesting variant on their naked bike of the time, the R1150R. The Rockster was BMW’s take on a streetfighter of sorts, made by pulling together the headlight from a R1150GS, gauges from the R1100S, and throwing them onto the R1150R with a distinctive paint job.

BMW R1150R Rockster - Right Side

In 2004, BMW introduced the dual-spark version of the oilhead engine, which this bike benefits from. Benefits were claimed to include improved fuel economy and emissions, with no drop in power. This bike is truly a mongrel, raiding the BMW parts bin from various models. Like other BMWs, it’s heavier than the competition, though that pays off when it comes to high speed stability. Despite the streetfighter looks, this bike was still quite civilized. It’s ideal for those who enjoy eccentric looks but at the heart of it, want something refined. As you can imagine, there aren’t many of those personalities that find themselves riding motorcycles very often, and sales were limited. Bonus points if you can find one of the ultra-limited 80th anniversary editions, which were mechanically identical but came in a black/white paint scheme instead of the usual black/copper or black/lime green.

BMW R1150R Rockster - Left Side

This specific BMW R1150R Rockster is claimed to be in great shape. The listing makes no mention of mileage, but does mention some choice extras that have been added to the bike, including Moto-lights, a Throttle-Meister cruise control, air horn, and the wonderful factory touring bags, which really help with the functionality of this bike.

BMW R1150R Rockster - Tail of the Dragon

Find this BMW R1150R Rockster for sale here on Craigslist for $5,750 in Orlando, Florida.