Immaculate Fireblade Killer – 2000 Yamaha R1

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The Yamaha R1 took the sportbike world by storm in 1998, finally taking the Fireblade down as reigning king of supersport motorcycles. Yamaha’s creation ended up becoming a class-defining motorcycle that still is produced to this day, 15 years later.

Yamaha R1 - Front

In 2000, two years after the R1’s introduction, Yamaha made several (over 150) subtle tweaks to improve the overall package, making this bike even better. These improvements included improved aerodynamics, lower weight, a slicker gearbox, and better fuel injection. As the seller notes, while there are plenty of R1’s still out there, almost all of them have been dropped, wrecked, abused, or neglected. All of those things make this pristine example even more desirable.

Yamaha R1 - Left Side

Everyone associates the Yamaha R1 with a specific shade of blue, but this bike featuers the rare “Vivid Red Cocktail” paint scheme. It’s impressive how well preserved this bike is – it’s even still got the factory warning details. The seller has taken excellent photos to show the very few imperfections, and it’s clear he’s looking for a buyer that will take similar care of it. There are plenty of R1’s out there, but you’d be hard pressed to find one this nice. May it stay in excellent shape for decades to come.

Yamaha R1 - Logo

Find this Yamaha R1 for sale here on for $5,499 in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

Yamaha R1 - Right Side