2005 Honda Rune

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The Honda Rune made a huge splash back in 2004, as Honda brought to market a bike that no one believed would ever make it past concept. Just look at it!

Honda Rune - 3

The motorcycle community was stunned to see something like this coming from Honda, of all manufacturers, due to stereotypes of conservative design, but you’d be hard-pressed to have found another firm that could have pulled off this bike. Though all the visual indicators give the impression that this bike is heavily raked and would be a handle to deal with, Honda’s engineers were able to make it quite manageable despite the 750+ pound weight. Most custom choppers built with this visual geometry are awful to ride, but this Honda Rune avoids that pitfall.

Honda Rune - 2

Because of the custom looks yet civilian ride, this bike has been very popular with the few people that could afford the original MSRP of nearly $30,000. This particular bike comes equipped with several extras, including a custom seat (the original seat is seen by some as useless beyond 50 miles), Rifle windshield, custom pinstripes, and a whole lot of chrome.

Honda Rune - 1

The Honda Rune is truly a collectible bike, an instant classic. Many others are starting to feel that way, which is why values on this bike are actually starting to appreciate – an incredibly rare fact with bikes this ‘young’. Find it here on Craigslist for $23,500 in Lincoln, California.