CHP – 1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 Police

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You might not look like Erik Estrada, but this bike might make you feel like him. You’ll probably remember this bike from the TV show CHiP’s, but this bike was already well known as the one of the two most common police bikes in the country at the time. Officers often differed on their preference between the Kawasaki KZ1000 Police and the Harley-Davidson equivalent. The general consensus was that the Kawi was the better bike in town, and the HD was better bike on the freeway.

Kawasaki KZ1000 Police - 1

These engines were bullet proof and they handle quite well at low speeds. Interestingly, the Police version of the KZ1000 came with run-flat tires – very nifty on a motorcycle but like all run-flats (especially of that vintage), they sacrifice a lot of grip in the process.

Kawasaki KZ1000 Police - 2

This example has been recently restored over several years, and still even has the original blue plate. The plates are up to date so you won’t have any worries with the DMV.

Kawasaki KZ1000 Police - 3

The seller is a former certified police Kawasaki mechanic who promises it’s in almost mint shape, so you should be getting your money’s worth.

Kawasaki KZ1000 Police - 4

Find it here on Craigslist in Hemet, CA, for $4500 firm.