2007 BMW K1200R Sport

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Post Sale Update: This K1200R Sport sold for $4,150 after 3 bids on eBay.

There is a never-ending battle going on between people who prefer fairings and people who prefer naked bikes. Given my racing interests, I am specifically the target market for phrases like “MotoGP Inspired” and “Superbike Champion”. However, I understand that not everyone likes the look (or the riding position) of a sport-centric bike. Luckily there is enough of ‘those people’ that manufacturers decide to remove the fairings and raise the bars on a bike they already had. Admittedly, more often than not, the results are great motorcycles, offering huge fun factors with enough practicality to actually justify a purchase.

The BMW K1200R Sport is one of those models. Based on the K1200S, a sport touring motorcycle with Hayabusa levels of performance and Aston Martin levels of class, the K1200R offers the same package, just undressed. The K1200R was a naked version of the S, while the R “Sport” just added a front fairing with different headlight. For more on the K1200R Sport, check out this review by Motorcycle-USA. This 4,700 mile example (VIN: WB10595077ZP85425) appears to have spent the majority of its life in a garage, and has received the factory recall maintenance. It will probably need the tires replaced, a brake flush, and a regular tune up to be safe. But, the pictures look solid and the current bid is just a fraction of the original price at $3,950. BMW had the confidence to release the press bikes on track. Do you?

Find this K12R for sale in Montgomery Village, Maryland with bidding up to $3,950

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