2007 BMW R1200S

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Post Listing Update: This R1200S did not meet reserve despite 20 bids up to $5,334.55.

“Born in heaven, raised in hell.” That was one of the slogans BMW used when they introduced the R1200S, an evolution of the R1100S that fell much more on the ‘sport’ side of the sport-touring equation. It was the sportiest boxer twin BMW had ever built, and they emphasized the point by initially omitting factory luggage. A year later the German firm made a more hardcore version of the R12S called the HP2 Sport, so the R12S got luggage and became a little more practical.

BMW took the basic 1,170cc engine from the popular R12GS, but they were able to bump up power to 122 horsepower thanks to some internal modifications and the highest redline seen to date on a BMW boxer – 8,800 rpm. Dry weight was 430 pounds, a 29 pound reduction from the R1100S. For more information, check out this write-up from Motorcycle-USA, where Kevin Duke says this “is the first Boxer-powered Beemer that will wheelie strictly with the throttle, with no clutch work required. I was duly impressed when the front end came up in a controllable wheelstand while exiting a tight first-gear corner, and I was able to hold it with the bars crossed up while I shifted to second – not typical BMW.

This example (VIN: ZP30340) has 12,196 miles and it’s been upgraded with an Ohlins shock and Garmin Nuvi GPS to complement several BMW options – hard luggage, heated grips, ABS, Sport suspension, and wider rear rim. Find this R12S for sale in Brookfield, Connecticut with bidding up to $2,550 and the reserve not yet met

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