Baby Harley – 1974 Harley-Davidson X-90

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In the early 60s, Harley-Davidson had to make changes to resist advancements from the Japanese. Indeed, specialized in big V-twins only, Harley did not have any bikes to get into the small-size engine market. To fix that, the American brand decided to outsource their production of small cc bikes to the Italian manufacturer Aermacchi. Among the various bikes built in Varese, Harley-Aermacchi built some baby bikes, the Shortster in 1972 and the X-90 in 1973 as an evolution of the first.

The small 90cc two-stroke bike was built to attract young owners and make them enter the big Harley-Davidson family. To that extent, these future adults would inevitably want to acquire a big V-twin when they would be old enough. The X-90 is somewhat rare with 7,000 examples having been built. To get more information on the X-90, you can read Historics.

The X-90 (VIN: 2D14778H4) presented here is in decent condition showing just under 900 miles. Having sat for few years since its purchase in 2002, the bike will probably require a carb cleaning and work on the clutch plates. The bike is in overall decent condition but shows a small dent on the right side of the tank.

Find this X-90 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for $3,295

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